Loytio Small Air Purifiers for Home

Loytio Small Air Purifiers for Home

Effortlessly improve your home’s air quality with Loytio Small Air Purifiers for Home. Covering up to 400 sq.ft, featuring a 24db Sleep Mode, night lighting, and 3 timers, it ensures a serene environment.

Technical Details:

  • Brand: Loytio
  • Filter Met: HEPA
  • Power Source: Hand Powered
  • Specification Met: CARB Certified
  • Floor Area: 304 Square Feet
  • Control Mode: Touch

More About Loytio Small Air Purifiers for Home

The HEPA filter efficiently absorbs 99.97% of particles, ideal for bedrooms, dorms, and kitchens. With a sleek white design, this air purifier enhances your space while providing clean and fresh air.

Loytio Small Air Purifiers for Home bring a breath of fresh air to your living spaces. With a powerful HEPA filter, this compact unit is designed to cover up to 400 sq.ft. The 24db Sleep Mode ensures a quiet and undisturbed sleep, while the soft night lighting adds a calming touch.

The intuitive touch controls offer easy operation, and the built-in timers allow customizable usage. Invest in healthier living with LOYTIO, where efficiency meets elegance for a purified and serene home environment.

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